Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jack Enslow ~UPDATE~

Jack Update. Noon 9/23/2014

******* With regard to the bike. We are not giving him a $2000 bike to live under an unsafe, filthy bridge. And the electric bike he wanted so badly would be destroyed in a week if dragged down to the bridge every day. If we give him the bike at Winn Dixie, while still living under the bridge, we fear he will take it straight to the bridge and it will be destroyed in no time.. The DOT will not allow him to live under the bridge much longer as he now has a viable, real alternative that was set up to Jack's specific desires. If you could see the filthy, excrement filled place he lives you would want him out as well.

Many of you suggested trapping the cats and taking to the RV park. Would your neighbors want 100 feral cats dumped in their neighborhood?

This is a complex matter. If/ when Jack is ready to go home he knows how to get in touch with me.

*********** If that does not occur in a reasonable amount of time there are plenty of people who would appreciate that lovely place to live.********

"I have tried everything to get him to go and live in his RV. For a week and a half he has one excuse or another. He says a cat has scabies and he has to constantly monitor, or it's been raining and he's behind on his feedings, or it's the weekend and there are people around the bridge that hate cats.

I rode all up and down the road the past two days from 4 in the morning until 11 at night trying to get him out of this weather.

I finally saw him this morning at Winn Dixie and he won't go home today either. Now, the excuse is he's behind feeding the cats. I offered to transport him to do this and then take him home. He refused. I offered to come get him at 6 tonight anywhere he said and he refused that. I offered to bring him back anytime he wants to come back from the RV. He said that wouldn't work.

He says he's waiting on the tricycle even though I live 100 yards from him and have offered to bring him to Winn Dixie any time of the day or night. The tricycle was custom built, is paid for, is built and is on the way.

His neighbor Robin has a car and has offered the same until the tricycle gets here. History tells me even when the trike arrives later this week, there will be another excuse.

I don't know what to do other than begin to look for someone else who would live in and appreciate the RV. We have worked tirelessly to purchase it, have it delivered to the site, have it set up, painted the inside, stocked it with all of your generous gifts.

I got him to go there one time for 10 minutes, He will not go back no matter what I offer him in the way of getting back to Winn Dixie, etc.

What are your thoughts, especially those of you who have so generously given to his fund. I'm heartsick and have just worried about Jack until I am about worried out.

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