Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Monday, November 17, 2014

Jack Enslow ~UPDATE~

~Jack Update~

"Last week we went to the Social Security Office in Key West and got him in the system for SSI Aged assistance and signed him up for Medicare. Jack is at my house now waiting for a call from Social Security with a few more questions.

November 24 we are taking Jack to the VA Lab at the Clinic in Key Largo for his blood work, Then December 8 he has an appointment with the Doctor so we can get him on some vitamins and see what else we need to do.

We are still waiting to hear from benefits he will receive from the VA. So far, he's a shoo in for $721 from SSI. And, we have applied for food stamps for him.

Applying for his free cell phone next week.

He needs some dental work done after that and we are working on that. He also needs glasses, working on that. Right now he's wearing a pair of my over the counter reading glasses which help.

Overall he has adjusted well and he's enjoying living inside. He's feeding the cats 2-3 times a week still and rides up to the shopping center on his pride and joy, the blue electric tricycle you see him riding on the bike path along Overseas Highway."

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