Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Kat, The Dockmaster

"In 2001 my husband and the love of my life and I were running a charter boat out of Daytona Beach. I usually went with him but, one day I didn't. The crew realized he was missing his body was found and identified by the tattoo of the hook with my name in it that went down his arm. I guess I will never know what happened, but, I know he died loving what he did.

I could not stay in Daytona Beach without him so I sort of crawled down here. I lucked up and rented a house on this Key and the caretaker of the property lived on a houseboat on the front of the property. I was frozen and when the money ran out I didn't know what to do. My friend in the houseboat, Rick Olson said move on the houseboat. He cleared out a room for me, emptied every other shelf and I moved in as friends in 2002. I still live there today.

The other miracle in my life was I found God. I couldn't have survived without Him. I look back now and realize He carried me all those months. I am a born again Christian and I witness to the men and women on this dock every chance I get. I feel so close to God on the waters of the Keys. It comforts me in a way nothing else can.

I am the dockmaster at Holiday Isle/Postcard. I wish Wild Bill was still around here. That crazy, wonderful Indian is back on the reservation in Oklahoma. Charlie Pritchard was out with a charter one day and a terrible, dark fog rolled in and you couldn't see your face in front of your hands. Charlie just killed his engine and decided to wait for the fog to lift. All at once he heard a boat obviously flying across the water and it seemed to be coming straight at him. He told his charter to hold on it didn't look good. About that time he heard the engines whine down and reverse hard and heard a voice shouting over the fog, "Where in the hell am I?" It was Wild Bill. That was Wild Bill. If you don't know where you are going or where you are, go there fast.

There are so many wonderful stories about my husband and I. One sticks out in my mind today because it always makes me laugh. We were on the boat spending the night. We had argued and I was still ticked off. Men being men, he wanted sex anyway. Well, I had bought these boxers for women at K-Mart that had little cartoon characters on them and the word NO splashed all over them. So, I put those on and snapped the waist band so he would look at them and I pointed to the No's all over them. I went to bed and he followed, mad or not. All of a sudden he started laughing and I asked him what was so damn funny. He said look at your boxers. In the dark they had light up YES all over them lol. We had some of the best sex of our lives.

I miss him but am so lucky to have loved and been loved by him. Now, I work around the fisherman that he always loved. Rick is my buddy. The Captains all watch out for me and I watch out for them.

It could be worse. And, I feel so close to God here in paradise. I am Kat, the dockmaster."

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