Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Monday, December 29, 2014

Nyan Feder, Islamorada

"I am a Coral Shores 2013 graduate. I leave tomorrow for my second year at FSU. I have decided to go into Jazz studies. It is designed to get you well rounded. I want to do that because Jazz is the gateway to any genre of music, especially more popular music. I want to make music alot of people like.

I was born and raised in the keys! I am a conch! My favorite thing about the keys is it is a small town. Everyone has a hand in helping you grow. Everyone knows you, everyone wants the best for you. Everytime you do something cool, everyone knows about it. You don't get lost here. You never feel like a stranger here.

My most unfavorite part of growing up here is the lack of exposure to
diversity in culture, music. Because it is a small town, it is kind of
streamlined. It is what has been chosen to be brought down here. In a big city, you can experience something different every day.

My favorite memory is a collective collage of memories. When I was little I used to run around and hang out at all the shows. When I was really little, I would run around naked. I slowly started to get on stage with my dad, clothed, and ever since I was 6 or 7 I would start playing all these different festivals with my dad. From when I could play just a few chords to when i could play full songs."

His mom interjects in the background, "He has been on stage with his dad since he was 3!"

"I loved playing everywhere with my dad, and it developed into our own little show. I didn't do any of the 'keys kid' stuff. I think hanging out with my dad so much helped me stay out of trouble. My parents are my parents but they are also my friends.

I am just really glad I got the chance to grow up here. I think this is a really great town to grow up in."

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