Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Will Mulkeen and Brenden Ellis

Will Mulkeen and Brenden Ellis
Los Chicos Malos

Will - "We both graduated from Coral Shores in 2010. GO CANES! I went up to West Point and graduated in August 2014. Now I am at Fort Benning, GA doing my Basic Officer Leader Course.
I will be there until August training and then I will head up to Tenth Mountain Division."

Brenden - "I went to the University of South Florida, graduated in December of 2013, and now I am living in Ecuador with the Peace Corps. I am a community health volunteer in a small town. I am working with Dole Banana Company doing community health work. Things are just getting off the ground; we are starting a big nutrition program and a gardening program at a school. We just have to wait for after the rainy season! Right now I am working on developing healthy relationships with the high school students, gaining their trust so they see me as one of their peers."

Will - "The biggest thing I have learned since high school is connections. It isn't always about the grades, but it is about the hands you shake."

Brenden - "We have talked a lot about this. It is important to go the extra mile after high school and have a goal. Learn from your mistakes, you can't change the past."

HOK - "What is the biggest mistake you've made?"

Will - "I have made some pretty good mistakes, but I don't think I hurt myself by making any of them. Life has a weird way of working out. My #1 rule is not to worry about stuff too much; life has a way of working it all out. My mistakes have opened doors that would not have been there if I hadn't made the mistake."

Brenden - "They aren't necessarily mistakes, they are life experiences. Something minor can change your future. Freshman year in college I failed 2 classes in first semester. I knew what I did wrong, I was lazy. The following semester I took a full load and got straight A's. My mistake changed my mind set, I learned from it and I graduated a semester early!"

HOK - "What has been your most memorable life experience since you've graduated?"

Will - "Spring break was a pretty good one!" LOL "I don't know, I just like going out into the world and meeting so many incredible people who come from so many different backgrounds of life. In my life, in the military, people come together for so many different reasons but they are all working towards the same goal. It is great to see organization come together."

Brenden - "The college experience in general was awesome, a lot of fun, and a great learning experience. Internships I had; I had one in Peru. I like the traveling and getting to know the people...... all walks of life."

HOK - "What do you think is the most important thing your parents taught you?"

Will - "Never stop moving forward. Don't get complacent in life; always have something you're working toward. Have a goal. You can always do something to better your position."

Brenden - "Giving back, always. My mom is always giving back, regardless of how much money we have, she is always thinking about someone else. I am doing that now in the Peach Corp. My brothers are doing that too, all in different ways, but we all have the same mindset."

HOK - "Why did you choose to do this story together?"

Will - "Because I don't think I could tell my story without including Brenden in it. Most of our experiences here have been together, we are always intertwined. We have gone through the best and worst of times together, since 8th grade. I just have to send him a message and I have a friend right there, no matter how far away we are. It isn't hard to stay in contact with people you really want to stay in touch with."

Brenden - "The really memorable stuff we have done together!"

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