Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bob Budah, Long Island and Pigeon Key

"In 1968 I painted the buildings on Pigeon Key. I was a Marine Biology major at UM (University of Miami). I have been coming here for 5 years and now I am buying a house. I am here on a 'vacation' of sort and am volunteering while I am here for the Art Festival for Pigeon Key Foundation. I am getting involved in Marathon.
I run, probably, the only science center of its kind on Long Island for robotics and engineering for elementary kids. I am working on bringing the robotics program down here to Pigeon Key.
My father started a day camp up north and my family has been running the camp now for 56 years. I taught for 8 years, and then I walked into the family business. My brother and I took the day camp from where it was at that time to where it is today. Science was my idea so we are building a state of the art science lab for children in Long Island; Park Shore Science Academy. Robotics is huge but the United States is, kind of, last in the world to start teaching it. We have created a program where we take children and energize them, excite them and teach them about what the technical world is all about. They learn how to work together, critically think, solve problems, and other skills.
We were fortunate to have had the original Davinci Robot at our camp and all the students got to use it, let by Dr. Ben Schwartz who is the physician's instructor. He actually said the students did better than the physicians because they are so good at using the joysticks in games!
I am looking to bring my robotics and engineering program to Pigeon Key. If they say yes, I am giving them the program at no charge. My science director will come down and teach everyone what to do and how to teach it. This is my first stop, and then I am going to start in the schools. Our nitch right now is 1st -5th grade but we are going to take it to 8th grade.
I need something else to do in life. I am not done living yet! So, yes, I am the real deal. We are from Long Island but we are coming to the Keys!"

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