Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Jerry Norman, All American Towing and Tires

"I was born and raised in Marathon. I was married for a few years and had 3 boys. My wife had some drug issues so we divorced in 1990 and I got custody of my 3 sons, who were 2, 3, and 5 at the time.
I went through a really rough time; I had moved out but was still giving her money for the bills, which never got paid. The mortgage wasn't paid, the house burnt down (and there was no insurance because the bill didn't get paid), we almost lost it all. The boys lived with my mom for a bit until I got everything back together for us, then they were back with me. We were down to nothing, but I worked and built it all back up; I got it all together and got my boys home. My biggest challenge however, was cooking!" LOL!!
"My boys are great, they are good boys and they are doing good. They went through a lot of crap, but they didn't get in trouble, they work and they make their own money. All 3 of them work for me now.
I worked for someone for a while in Marathon and when he sold that business I started my own towing company. My ex-boss in Marathon helped me with a couple of trucks and getting started. It was hard, I almost lost my trucks a few times, and I was starving. It don't look like I am starving now, but I was then!
In 2005 I sold that business in Marathon and bought this business up here in Key Largo. It was the best decision I ever made, coming north. I love Marathon and all my friends, but we are busy up here and we stay busy. I also got re-married right before we moved up here and now I have 3 younger boys for a total of 6!
I have always been in the towing business, it is a good business. People are pretty nice and it is great when you can show up and help them and make their day a little better.
My biggest accomplishment is my oldest 3 boys (so far), keeping them out of trouble and raising them to be good boys, productive. The business isn't the big deal, my boys are. We still live really close to each other."

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