Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jessie Yerger, Key West

"Things fell apart. I was a steel worker in Pennsylvania and when I turned 25 the plant closed. I was in the union and said if I am not making $25.00 an hour, I am not staying in Pennsylvania. I called my best friend, Andy, and said, 'Listen, I am moving to Key West.' Bam, I just made the decision. 'My girl sucks, my job sucks, time to get out of here'. Andy said 'Ok man, give me 2 weeks'.
Andy and I packed a little Honda Civic full of stuff; you couldn't fit another shoe in it. We drove to Key West, slept on the beach (cliché) the first night. After the first night we just started looking for jobs, and of course partied too much on Duval Street! We started to run out of money and found a trailer on Stock Island for $500.00/month, which now is insanely cheap. I went from being a steel worker to a waiter at Kelly's Caribbean Grill, which is hilarious.
That is how I got there in 2000, and I have been there ever since. At the time, Key West was the most beautiful place I had ever been. And the scene; the bars and stuff, there are boats and different places to live, you have choices. There are a lot of people down there like me.
I worked Teasers, a strip club for 10 years! I have lived on boats, just for the hell of it. Recently I started driving a flatbed truck. I turned 40 and had a mid-life crises, I left the bar scene! I figured I needed to do something else.
I am on a little vaca here in Key Largo, to get away from Key West for a bit!"

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