Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Friday, June 12, 2015

~Jack Enslow~ Marine, Feeder of Feral Cats, Key Largo, Fl

HOK: "I just spoke with Jack on the phone. He was almost crying. He had received his back pay check from VA retirement. He also received his Notification Letter for the monthly monetary benefit he will receive for the rest of his life."
Jack: " I will finally be able to have a life. I will have enough money to have a life. I will have money for myself and money to get extra things for all the cats. It's so much more than the temporary Social Security thing you got me and the food stamps you got me.
I couldn't believe it when all of you got me this RV and the electric bike. But, I really can't believe this. I would've never been able to get all the paperwork done and go to all the appointments without you. I"m still trying to believe all this wonderful stuff has happened to me.
It's like with all this rain lately, I've been dry in this trailer. I can go places on my bike that I need to go. I have a bank account at Community Bank and the ladies are so nice to me.
All the people at Winn Dixie and Dillons have never forgotten about me or refused to help me.
I just really can't believe any of it. It's just the most wonderful thing.
Now, I know, I know, really know for the rest of my life I won't be homeless or hungry or cold or hot or alone.
It's almost all too much.... ( and his voice broke again).
HOK: "I couldn't even answer him for the football size lump in my throat. I just want to thank all of you again from Jack and our page for your donations to buy the trailer and the bike. It was only when Jack moved inside that he began to believe that he could live on the grid again. It was only then that he began to feel like a human being and to believe that he was entitled to benefits and only then he became willing to go through the nightmare of paperwork and appointments to make this day happen. Sometimes I got frustrated with him. Sometimes we yelled at each other. But, today, oh my, today.
This is a glorious day for Jack. We, all of you out there and us, we can't save the world, but, we can, together, change one life at a time. There is nothing wrong with that. There is everything right with that. Thank you from Jack and from us."

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