Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Friday, July 24, 2015

Chad and Meagan Brown, Tavernier

“I wanted to make my proposal memorable, in a way that would appeal to the things she liked. She had never been diving but was going to school to be a marine biologist.
I never really wanted to go diving, but I thought it would accomplish exactly what I wanted to do. I called Jen and Chris at Sail Fish Scuba in Key Largo and Jen was super excited and really took care of us; she even went out and bought a fake ring because she didn’t want to chance the real ring down there! They got me the underwater sign and took us to a great spot with beautiful coral reef and everything.
We took an adventure dive; took quick class, did some exercises in the pool, learned how to use the gear, and then did the one day trial dive; it is so you can see if diving is something you really are interested in and you have an instructor with you the whole time. We had never dove before so this was perfect.
I was so nervous, I had never been out on a boat. We went out about 5 miles and dove for a while. The time had come. Chris took Meagan ahead of us and kept her busy while Jen handed me the sign and the ring and gave me time to get ready. I knelt down and held up the sign; ‘Will you marry me?’ And the ring.
Chris turned Meagan around and she almost spit her regulator out of her mouth. When she finally got over to me she almost ripped mine out! We went up after that because she wanted to kiss me and she couldn’t under the water!
It was amazing.”

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