Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Don Richards

"I was the mechanic running the Jewfish Creek Bridge when it was there. I was the one who painted all the gears red and fixed it up.
It was the weekend of the Columbus Day Regatta and this blue yacht pulls up to the bridge and they were just sitting out there. (There was a sign that said what to call on the radio for the bridge to open) They are supposed to call on the radio, or flash a light or do something to get the bridge operators attention. They sat there for about 20 minutes when they finally called.
They told me they weren't from here, they were from Europe and there were all these girls on the yacht in little bikinis. I explained to them that over here you called on the radio, blew the horn, or flashed a light to get the bridge operator's attention to let us know you need the bridge opened, but the universal language is that if the tops go up, the bridge goes up. All the tops went up!
After they passed through, all their pants went down and the captain got on the radio and asked 'so that means if you want the bridge to go down, the bottoms go down?' I said absolutely!"

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