Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


HOK: "Most of us see Hickory on the stretch, traveling on his scooter, from the back, with his guitar strapped on, animal crates in tow, wondering what in the world he is doing and where he is going." 

"I ride all the time because I have to get there, that's all. I can't take a bus because they don't allow these guys on the bus! 
Traveling is a privilege, enjoying this great country, is not reserved just for the wealthy; the accommodations are just different.

They (his animals) acquired me along the way.

I just got Shirley (the black dog that looks like Toto) her 3rd heartworm shot, she would have died without it. She found me in Tennessee. I was at a park in Nashville and I found some shade in a park. She walked up to my car at 8 am and started talking to me. I petted her and gave her some food, and then she was gone. I stuck around all day and later I noticed she had had puppies recently. At 5pm she came and walked her around everywhere looking for her puppies, any cubby hole and drain pipe I could find all around the park. They weren't there. I couldn't leave her; I put her in the car and off we went. She was full of ticks and hungry. I cleaned her up and she has been with me ever since.

Heidi (the brown and white dog) was in a trailer park in Georgia; nobody wanted her. She was running around the parking lot and nobody wanted to keep her, it was winter time. I told the residents to give her to me, I would take her. One thing led to the next and when I left he came with me.

23 years I have had this cat (pictured in her crate). I knew a girl in Georgia who was a despicable person. She had invited me over to look at a staircase she had paid thousands of dollars for; she was quite wealthy. I followed her upstairs into one of the rooms with one window, 3" thick carpet and a closed door. There was a little box with a little bit of litter in it, a bowl of water, and Dorothy. She said she was getting rid of the cat because she pees. I took Dorothy and left the girl! I never went back!

Little Dog (the grey striped cat), was rescued from a kill shelter in Ohio, they wanted to put him down. They took his claws; someone decided they didn't want him. He is a doll!!

You know, once they're in you, they're in you!

If anyone has any dog or cat food they want to donate, bottled water, or temporary accommodations for these little guys, it will be appreciated. I am not looking for charity, just a little help!"

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