Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Sunday, July 19, 2015

JD (John Douglas) Mulkeen

“Since high school I have been at Florida Atlantic University studying Geology. I had to take a science class in my freshman year and I really connected with the teacher; he convinced me to change my major from International Business. I am very happy with my choice.
There was a lecture being held at FAU one day, not related to any classes, but it was on paleontology. I just decided to go to it one night. They passed around a sheet of paper to join the newly founded Institute of Paleontology, so I joined it and got on the email list. I received an email saying if I wanted to get more involved to email this one guy. I did. What they were looking for was help moving fossils from one storage facility to another; they had a big U-Haul truck to move them. I went and helped move the fossils.
I had a pickup truck with me and they had a triceratops head they needed to move and they didn’t want to put it in the U-Haul truck. They asked if I would take it in the back of my pickup. I said ‘Hell yea! I will put a triceratops head that is millions of years old in the back of my truck!”
I was driving around and even went through a McDonald's drive thru with it in the bed of my truck! It was a baby triceratops and it still filled up the whole truck bed! I have a picture of it! It was the coolest thing!
It just goes to show you, sometimes even the simplest decision can lead to some great adventures!”

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