Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pastor Elwing is the minister of the First Baptist Church in Islamorada.

He's been a huge help to some of our Humans in Needs on our page, like Charlie Roberts, Dottie and others.
He works tirelessly with the homeless. He runs the food kitchen at the church and they feed the hungry and give them supplies every Tuesday night.
I know he has taken so many people to the doctor in Miami because they don't have transportation and are too ill to ride public transportation.
He will probably be mortified that we are putting his story on here. But, he needs your prayers and he needs a vehicle. See his post on his page below.
If you know of anything that would work for him please call First Baptist Church of Islamorada, and we can all pray, the most powerful gift of all.
~Jonathan Elwing~ Pastor, First Baptist Church Islamorada 81201 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada, FL 33036 (305) 664-4910
"Praying hard for a new car... Ours really is being held together by prayer and duct tape - multiple fluid leaks between coolant, oil, ps fluid, & freon coupled with the 225,000+ miles and balding tires makes it difficult to keep feeding the repair bills... need something 7 passenger low milage and affordable as I don't make much being a full time student and full time pastor... thanks for your prayers!"

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