Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Friday, August 7, 2015

Video Dave - Update

Update on Video Dave, from Dave himself!

Hello everyone,
Spent most of the day in Miami Hospital today. Went to see my leg Doctor hoping to get the go ahead to use my right leg 100%. Was not the news I got. I let him know that my right leg was doing real good, but my left foot was causing me more grief.
After checking it over and having X-rays done, he was not happy. It appears that after everything I went thru in the accident, no one bothered to see if I had any breaks in my left leg or foot. The X-ray did not show him everything he wanted to see, but enough to know there was a major problem.
I have to go back Friday for a Cat Scan so that he can see everything very clearly. For now, it was serious enough that he would not let me leave without putting a cast on it. I was told not to put any weight on it whatsoever. So now I am having to use my once bad leg to do the work the other was doing. He did mention that if a certain problem was there, I would need to go in for surgery right away.
All in all, I am still doing good, just more hurdles to get over. This is to keep some of you that are interested up to date on my recovery. Love you all and do appreciate your prayers.

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