Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Rhonda & Isabella - Coral Shores High School - Only in the Keys

Only in the Keys...

“Let me preface this with; my daughter has the Marine Science II, Honors class at Coral Shores.

I received a phone call this morning:

“Mom, can you go to Keys Kritters, get some brine shrimp, and bring it to me at school?”

Me, still half asleep at 7:30 am, “You need what?”

“Brine shrimp mom, my pregnant seahorse needs to eat.”

“Ok, I will be there after the store opens.” I mean, you can't leave a pregnant seahorse hungry, right?

So, at 10am I delivered 2 scoops of brine shrimp, which the lady at Keys Kritters informed me most of us know as ‘sea monkeys’.

When the lady who runs the office (who wasn’t fazed one bit by brine shrimp getting delivered) called my daughter’s math teacher to ask if she could leave class a couple of minutes early for a ‘fish delivery’, it wasn’t a problem, he wasn’t fazed either.

Only in the Keys is this type of occurrence normal!”

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