Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Friday, November 20, 2015

Gary and Patty Schaum, Tavernier

“We met on We were both living in Pennsylvania at the time. It all started with a wink!”
Gary – “I tried to keep my dates short, you know, coffee, lunch. I know within 10 minutes if I am going to like someone or not. I called her and we talked for over an hour!”
Patty – “We hit it off because we both like to shop at Lowes! We like to do projects together. We are a team, we work well together.”
Gary – “Patty eventually moved in with me, and we had wonderful neighbors in our backyard that had a winter home in Ft. Myers. We would come to visit them in Florida to get away from the cold.
So, we bought a home, in our neighbor’s backyard in Ft. Myers because we just loved it down here so much, and that is how we got to Florida!
“We were married on Hollywood beach.”
Patty – “He kissed me on the beach and asked me if I thought I could live here full time. I said yes. We outgrew our little place in Ft. Myers and we moved to the Forest Country Club. We had e some neighbors there invite us for cocktails and they told us they had that house, a house in Croatia and a place in Duck Key. Where was Duck Key? Oh, it’s by Hawk’s Cay! We had to get the I-pad out and zoom in to find out where Duck Key was. You can always say you know where the Florida Keys are, but when someone starts rattling off the names of 44 different Keys, you have to figure it out!”
Gary – “I had a boat and I wanted to fish, so I said to Patty; ‘Let’s go down there and see if we can find something.’”
Patty – “We drove through Duck Key and that was just too far. It’s beautiful, but we didn’t want to travel more than 3 hours, so that is how we got to Key Largo! We wanted to be on the water, so now we are in Tavernier, where we found this great place!
We went from being Snow birds with Ft. Myers being our southern home, to now being in the Keys full time with Ft. Myers being our northern home!”

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