Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Kelly Randin, Key Largo

Where do I begin?
I was a bit hesitant writing a story about myself when asked; I enjoy, with a passion, helping others and the innocent (children and animals) so talking about myself is a very different subject for me. However, I am always trying to find ways to make a difference and inspire others, so, I figured I’d give this a shot!
My full name is Kelly Joyner Randin, I took on my maiden name as a middle name because, I am a Daddy’s girl to the fullest! I was born in NC, raised in Key Largo since 6 months old. That’s 29 years in the Keys for me! I am the youngest of two, my brother Wally is now living in WA as a nuclear operator.
I went to Key Largo School, then onto Coral Shores where I graduated in 2004! I wanted to be a writer as a child; I loved to write stories, I figured I could inspire others to do more for each other, help others to know they aren’t alone through stories about struggles, I felt inspired by some of my closest friend’s real lives. One day I still will, maybe when I retire! Then I thought I would become a chiropractor, but, after taking anatomy and physiology, I decided memorizing billions of body parts was not for me.
My true passion is in sales. That saying "they can sell ice to an Eskimo" has been repeated to me many times. It just comes natural, I don’t force it; I see the needs and I meet those needs; I never forget when someone wants something specific either. My best kept secret was honesty, sincerity, and genuine concern for others. Going the extra mile brings you more business and happy customers.
Since the birth of my 2nd child, I have been a busy stay at home mom with a little online consignment sales business; I list items on various websites for people that are moving or have stuff laying around that they want to sell and just don't have the time to do so. I plan on making that business grow to estate sales! I also cater wedding parties for Trinity with On The Fly & cater for Mangrove Mike, who have both always been so good to me and have always given me work when I needed it!! My next BIG adventure is about to begin, my aim is toward real estate, estate sales, and property management. I finished all the schooling and now all I need to do is sign up for my state test! I can’t wait to start working full time and build up an amazing reputation again! I miss every last customer I have had over the years, between AT&T, Sprint, and RadioShack, but, I truly have enjoyed 2 amazing years watching my two beautiful girls grow up before my eyes, not missing a second of the joys!
I met my husband in 2008, that’s when I can honestly say my life began. He was a handsome guy I met at Coconuts on a ladies night! Not like me to fall in love under the influence! I was out with my roommate at the time, and they knew each other! Oddly enough, with both of us living here our entire lives and having lots of mutual friends I had never met him. On November 17th 2008 we made it official, boyfriend and girlfriend! I waited till new years to tell him I loved him so I could ring in a perfect new year!
The following year we started rescuing animals and that’s where I truly feel I have made an impact on others. It started with my pit boxer mix, Lenny, who was "Lovey" at Miami Dade animal services. I adopted him from run by Lissette Alvarez; she saved him by walking into the euthanasia room and taking the next dog to be put down. After that adoption, I was sold; there was no way that a dog like my Lenny could fall through the cracks and be put down just because he was cage shy.
In total I have been able to rescue 78 dogs & 15 kittens (this does not include me assisting in rescues, just ones I did myself) with my boyfriend (now husband) by my side through all the craziness. There is a special love an abandoned animal shows you that I can’t explain, when you save them your heart is forever connected and they never forget you. I use to cry walking through the Miami Dade shelter; it was like a Sarah McLachlan video only more real, these animals were lonely and begging for love…dirty, tick infested, sick and often abused. I made some amazing friends whom I still keep in contact with through rescue. I also get the overwhelming joy from time to time being tagged in a picture of a happy animal I helped give a second chance to. I not only pulled from shelters, I also picked up strays, abused animals, unwanted animals, and a few puppies along the way. I found a bag of kittens once while I was at Petco; they were left outside in a trash can in the hot sun! I found them while spoiling my newest save and took them to my family, that I have adopted as my own and love like parents, the Shaffer’s, who share the same passion for animals I have! We found them all loving homes!
Moving forward, in July of 2010 Carlos Randin asked me to be his wife and spend forever with him; it was recorded by my amazing in laws and friends and it still brings tears to my eyes. My mom says that "Carlos truly thought “what would Kelly do?" when inviting all my friends and setting it all up. He made me open 15 boxes, and all the while rolling my eyes thinking "if there is a ring in here I’m going to say no to him for his cheesiness" lol. “No ring! There was a note that asked me to turn around and when I turned around there was my future, on one knee, asking me to "spend forever with him" (of course I said yes)! We set the date - 9/10/11.
On Sept 10, 2011 I conceived my first baby girl, Peyton Elizabeth. Literally one of two of the best gifts anyone has ever given me and I thank God every minute of every day for them. That’s right I got pregnant ON my wedding night! Guess who had a sober honeymoon 4 weeks later? On April 27, 2012 Peyton was born 5 weeks early ON my sister in law, Sabrina Randin’s, birthday none the less!! I have type one diabetes and was having complications with my blood pressure and extra fluid. She spent the hardest 8 days of my entire life at Jackson memorial while I waited to bring her home, and now she is the happiest, healthiest little diva ever!
In April of 2013 I found out I was pregnant again. This one felt totally different, had to be a boy I thought. At my 16 week ultrasound she was sitting legs crossed with her umbilical cord between her legs and would not show us that she was a she until 30 weeks. All the way up to delivery I swore she was a boy but on November 21 out popped a perfect blue eyed strawberry blond baby girl that looked and acted NOTHING like her older sister! And that I can truly say was the BEST day of my life; my family was complete and I could take this baby home right away to meet her big sister. My girls are now almost 2 years and 3 1/2 years old; they are 19 months apart and very good little girls! I am the luckiest mommy in the universe!
This was really nice looking back and remembering all the things that made me who I am today. One day I hope to leave the keys, only not any time soon! I know I will come running right back, my heart is here, my friends are here, and my life story was written here.”

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