Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Monday, November 2, 2015

Mike Quirk, Marathon

Hello Humans, My name is Mike Quirk. I am one of the many Humans of the Keys who have chosen this wonderful place to call home.
I first visited the Keys during March of 1993. I was born and raised in St. Louis and grew up on the Mississippi river and the Lake of the Ozarks. I knew from a young age that I needed to be around water and sought it out.
Back then a friend told me he was going to the Florida Keys. The Florida what? Keys? You need Keys to go there? This made no sense. He told me a story about a magical place filled with little islands surrounded by the most beautiful water found anywhere. He made it sound too good to be true. So I took a week off work and headed south.
The further passed Key Largo I got, the better it looked; then crossing the Channel 5 Bridge I had an epiphany, I was home. I had never imagined this place could really exist, but here it was. The water was turquoise, purple, green and aqua blue all at the same time. I'm really home. When my week was up I went back to St. Louis and stared packing. By July I was heading south for good in my 1963 Cadillac hearse with everything I needed. 
Now that I have been a resident for more than 20 years, I know I made the right move. I still go to sunset almost every night, on a kayak weather permitting, and soak up the environment I so love. I have made many lifelong friends with the other humans who have chosen to make the Keys their home. It takes a special breed of people to move here. It isn't the cheapest place to live, you really need to work hard to make it here, but it’s so worth it.
When you live in a town like Marathon you get to know everyone, you see them several times a week. On more than one occasion I've been able to name everyone eating lunch in Frank's Grill, it's that small of an island.
If you live in the Keys, you need to have good hobbies and great passions. My hobby is building Lego models, and my passion is sunset photography. My master piece in Lego is on display at the Hurricane Grill in Marathon. It is a 24 foot long model of Ocean Drive on Miami Beach. If you’re ever passing through stop on in and have a look, it is pretty cool. And the result of my photography passion is "Southernmost Sunset". It is a Facebook page which I post on daily.
Nothing gives me more joy than spreading the beauty I have found in this most special of places, the Fabulous Florida Keys.

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