Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Friday, December 18, 2015

Doug Hattendorf – mamaOcean

I started mamaOcean after 20+ years of fishing, diving and taking pictures of the ocean. Over the years I see less and less life out there and more and more garbage. As more people come to enjoy these islands, there is more pollution to deal with.
This county brings in over $4 billion a year thanks to fishing and tourism. Somehow some of that money needs to go to keep the place the people came to see clean. It’s the ocean that brings the people here and the ocean that deserves some respect. I have written many political rants with only one response, from Florida State Representative Holly Raschein, who might join us for a clean up one day in the future.
Garbage is killing our marine life, both mammals and birds, on a daily basis, and has grown to be a big problem here in the Keys…bigger than the once a year cleanups can keep up with. Cleaning the garbage from our waters and shorelines needs to be done, and should be addressed as a matter of utmost importance, because it is only getting worse. We need crews out there four days a week in the upper, mid and lower keys. This needs to be done for a few months at least, until we know where most of the garbage congregates and can designate where the weekly or monthly clean ups are most needed and will be the most effective.
It doesn’t require that much to do this, mostly just devotion and time. But one person, or one group, cannot do it alone. It takes everyone pitching in. We have an obligation to these waters and I wish more people felt that way about this place where we live. Anyone who has lived here more than 5 years has seen the difference. It’s time for her; it’s time to help our mamaOcean. She Needs Our Love!
Whether you're a surfer, a diver, a sailor, a fisherman, or just an everyday honest ocean lover, we have all been getting something from the ocean at some point in our lives. She feeds us, she balances us, she amazes us with her beauty, day in and day out, and now it's time to give back. We have been taking for too long!
We at mamaOcean are working towards joining forces to bring awareness to all ocean-goers through action. We are dedicated to giving YOU enough reasons to believe there is hope to save our oceans and providing opportunities to HELP!
******On December 19th from 9am to 12pm there will be a shoreline clean up sponsored by mamaOcean at Curry Hammock State Park mm 56.2. It will be free admission for volunteers participating in the clean-up. Meet in the day use area of the park for sign up and instructions.
Come early to sign up and stay after to enjoy hotdogs provided by mamaOcean and Winn Dixie. For further information or questions regarding the clean up call the Ranger Station at (305)289-2690. Hope to see you there!******
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