Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Flat Head Ted, Key Largo

From Ted's Daughter - Melinda Lambkin, North Carolina
"Tell everyone thank you! I am proud to be a true conch! The community of Key Largo, my hometown, has shown what it means to be compassionate and helpful during a time of need and everyone of you who helped my father and me!"

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! We have amazing, giving people here in the Keys with hearts bigger than the island they live on!
It took only 1 day to get Ted's roof patched up!! A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Ken Tafoya for supplies and Ken, with the help of Neal Hoover, patched up Ted's roof. Way to go gentlemen!!
Ken and Neal, your kindness has given Ted peace of mind, which is priceless. His daughter cannot express her thanks and appreciation enough!
Shout outs also go out to:
Karen Johnson who coordinated and got the ball rolling from the middle of Florida!
Tim and Laura Maloney who have been loading Ted up with hot food.
Edith Zewadski-Bricker with Monroe County Social Services who did an amazing job helping Ted take care of some business.
Bobbi Haugen who got all of Ted's prescriptions filled and her husband who helped Ted get to town to get his house taxes paid. Bobbi is also taking Ted to the airport.
Ted is overwhelmingly grateful for the outpouring of kindness and help!
Ted is now packing and is expected to be with his daughter by Wednesday night.

***Ted needs our help!! ***
"Our beloved Key Largo Transit, "Flat Head Ted" has had a really rough time. He broke his pelvis and was in hospital for weeks.
He came home this week to a flooded house. He has a hole in his roof in one corner about a yard long and wide. He is asking for help in fixing it and asking for help does not come easily to Ted.
His daughter has bought him a plane ticket to come stay with her in North Carolina until he's back to his old sassy self. He doesn't want to leave until his roof is secured. His daughter is hopeful he can come to her by Wednesday of this week.
We arranged through some Key Largo angels to get Ted some food and get his prescriptions filled and some other things he needed. If you can grab some supplies and help Ted out you'd be one of those angels.
Ted lives at 201 S Bay Harbor Drive in Key Largo. Ted's number is 305-852-2763. You scan PM us here at HOK, or, you can call Ted if you can help. He's not looking for a professional new roof, just some help getting his house secured so he can go stay with his daughter for his recovery.
Ted helped so many people, so many times, for so many years, let's see what the amazing Humans of the Keys can come up with.”

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