Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Kipp & Maegan Reda (1), Tavernier

Maegan: We were both born and raised here in the Keys. My family goes back quite a ways down here, my mom’s family especially. My grandfather was a drag line specialist/operator and he dug almost every canal here in the Keys.
Kipp: My grandfather owned a motorcycle dealership up in Michigan. He came here on vacation, went fishing, and the next thing you know he bought a boat and a house down here.
Maegan: I knew his grandfather my whole life. My parents (the Bynum’s) were business owners down here; they owned a parts store called Tavern Stores Auto Parts in Tavernier. Kipp’s grandfather used to come into the store all the time when I was growing up. So when we got together, it was funny that I had known his grandfather since I was a little girl!
Kipp: I remember we were all at the bowling alley one year on Valentine’s Day, and I started talking to her mom and asked her to hook us up. So, her mom actually got us together!
Maegan: At that time, it was just my parents, my 7 year old son Bryce, and me. It was just the funniest connection ever. I think we both felt it and knew it. It was a cool story, but now we’re kind of sad because the bowling alley is being demolished. We wish we could go in one more time and have a date there before they tear it down.
Kipp: We’ve been together 6 years now. We bought this house in 2010 and remodeled it. We were fortunate to get it for a good price when the housing prices were kind of low.
Maegan: Things moved pretty fast for us. We got pregnant with Kaiya just about 5 months into our relationship. It was kind of crazy. Kipp had an uncle pass away and we found out we were pregnant within a week or two of that. People say that sometimes when one soul goes, another comes, you know? Then we had Irie. She was planned though! We have been on the fence about whether or not to try one more time to have a boy. But Kipp’s afraid we’ll just keep having girls.
Kipp: And I love my two girls, don’t get me wrong! But, to have three or four… I don’t know…
Maegan: If we knew it would be a boy we would definitely have another. They do keep us busy. We don’t really go out that much except for the kid’s activities. We don’t drink, so we don’t really go to bars anymore.
Kipp: We quit drinking about 4 ½ years ago, when we got married. Not because it was really an issue, but when you’re born here, by the time you’re through your 20’s you’ve done your share of drinking.
Maegan: Between our pool-cleaning business and the kids, we stay plenty busy. With Bryce especially; he is currently playing on two basketball teams. He’s playing for the school and for the community league. Last year he played baseball and also played for two different leagues. Getting to go watch him play is the highlight of my week, it doesn’t matter what sport it is. He plays golf, baseball and basketball. He played football for a while, and might play in high school.
Kipp: The high school coach is already talking to him, basically asking him to name what position he wants to play.
Maegan: He’s just special. He has that “It” factor. Some have it and some don’t. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I’m watching him play, because he is just an incredible athlete in every sport. I keep telling him if he keeps his head on the right way and keeps his grades up, there’s no telling what he can do.
Kipp: He’s making straight A’s and is in two honors classes in eighth grade. Better than I did!
Maegan: He’s just a natural. He’s been playing golf since he was three. My dad got him into it and he just loved it. They really started to see his potential within months of him picking up a golf club. After my dad sold the parts store, he went to work at Napa, and he would deliver parts up to Ocean Reef. Some of the guys offered to let him come play golf there, so he would take Bryce.
One day, a pro saw them from afar and was so impressed by Bryce that he started talking to him, giving pointers and tips. Now that guy is his mentor. He has taken Bryce under his wing and he won’t let me pay him a penny. I couldn’t feel more fortunate. He just got his second hole in one a few weeks ago. His first was at Ocean Reef and they gave him the flag off the hole. His second was at the Redlands Country Club in Homestead. We’re looking to get him into some tournaments this year. He’s going to finish high school here and then we’ll see what happens.

Kipp: We are just raising our family and trying to build our business. I would love to have the kids involved and make it a family business eventually. We don’t want to live anywhere else. The Keys are our home.
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