Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Friday, January 22, 2016

Chad Gardner - Chad's Deli, Tavernier **RIP**

Keys beloved Chad Gardner left us this week. Our little community has been hit too hard lately...we have suffered a lot of losses. One thing I am sure of, they will be eating well at the big table in the sky today.

FROM Alicia Lauren:
As a history major, I am used to writing about difficult topics but this one will be by far the worst post I will ever have. My uncle, Chad Gardner, on Monday January 18th, 2016 collapsed at his restaurant due to a massive heart attack. After 4 days of being in two different hospitals, running tests, trying procedures to reduce swelling in his brain, we finally have received a new scan and information from the doctors which have confirmed what we were most dreading. Chad has sustained severe brain damage because oxygen was not being pumped from his heart. The loss of oxygen to his brain and swelling has caused there to be no more brain function. Multiple tests have proven that he is no longer with us. Chad is an organ donor and his organs will be used to help other people. At this time our family is thankful for the prayers and well wishes from the community but would like to be given a few days to process this information and make arrangements. We will be planning a community celebration of life in Chads honor and that will be announced at a later date. Thank you for you understanding. He's riding off into the sunset.

FROM Suzi Youngberg:
One of my favorite Chad stories happened in late October 2014. Scott had finally finished his last round of radiation treatment in Boston and I was bringing him home for good. We were very public with the joy of that occasion and the road trip home from Boston, which included a stop in Atlanta to pick up our cat, SugarBear, who had been fostered for 6 months while we had been in Boston. We finally arrived in the Keys; it was late, we were tired. As soon as we got off the stretch, Scott called Chad's so we could pick up a late dinner on the way home...we had been gone so long, we knew there was no food at the house. Chad had been following the details of the road trip on Facebook, and as soon as he realized it was Scott, he said, "Am I your first stop after getting back into the Keys?!" He was tickled.
When we pulled into the deli parking lot, I stayed in the car with SugarBear and Scott went in to pick up dinner. Well, Chad knew that we had the cat with us, and he had packed up an order of raw tuna for him along with our dinner! He even followed Scott back out to the car to meet SugarBear (and say hi to me!) We never told Chad that SugarBear is a weird cat and won't eat anything except his cat food...not even raw tuna! So, Scott and I put a little soy sauce on that tuna and it was delicious!

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