Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Monday, April 4, 2016

Barry, Islamorada

“I tell people I have had a great childhood, and it’s been a long one!

I was born in Black Creek, Florida which no longer exists. It’s now Cutler Bay. I have been in and out of the Keys for 40 years.

I have never had a job a day in my life. I had a great career racing motorcycles, I played guitar and drank the beer, I have fished and sold the fish, I had a pet store, and now I am starting a key lime and pineapple nursery. I take care of my dad and Coco here takes care of me. My dad taught me to never lie, cheat, or steal. I did all of that, but in the end, dad was right.

I have dove every piling of the Seven Mile Bridge, the Long Key Bridge, the Channel 5 Bridge and the Channel 2 Bridge. I have circumnavigated the Keys, starting at the beginning, Biscayne Bay or Key Biscayne, out Government Cut to the ocean, past the tail end buoy (which is past the Tortugas on the ocean side}, then back up the bay side up and out Jewfish Creek and back up. I have been all the way around all the islands on both sides. I haven’t had my greatest adventure yet though!

Don’t ever leave the Keys, it’s a big mistake.”

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