Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Friday, April 8, 2016

Mitchell Shulman, Islamorada

Mitchell Shulman, Islamorada
“MIOWSHU” at Rain Barrel
“I am a native of South Florida. I enjoy everything about living here!
I have loved art since I was little, but started creating seriously about 12 years ago. I really got the passion to create a couple of years ago because I realized how short life is after I experienced a great personal loss.
I came to the Keys about a year and a half ago full speed ahead. I totally changed my life. I moved where I lived, what I was doing for a living, who I was living with, and everything else about my life all at one time. I came to the Keys to follow my passion, which is my art. A complete 180!
When you do something like that, it is probably one of the most difficult things you can do, but it is also like magic. You see things laid at your feet that you never knew you needed, you see connections and energy flow your way you never knew even existed. I have changed my whole way of looking at energy and the universe, everything really.
I noticed how I affect other people when I am in front of them. I realized it isn’t just a matter of having a smile on my face but that there is more going on within our vibrations that affect others. I have been feeling the inspiration of helping other people follow their passions and telling children, and others, how important it is that they don’t just follow their passion, but when society drags them in other directions, other than what we have in our hearts, have an exit plan so when it is time, and you will know when, you can follow what is really in your heart to be happy.
I also realized this year, that happiness is inside your head. It’s in your thoughts and it comes from inside you; it doesn’t come from material things, it doesn’t come from a closet full of new shoes, or a new car and it doesn’t come from others; it has to come from yourself.”
You can find Mitchell’s work at MIOWSHU.COM

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