Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Friday, July 22, 2016


My grandfather had a house where the fire station is by the stretch, he owned that property. He was born in Key West. I came to the Keys permanently 15 years ago when a guy I know built a house in Lower Metecombe and I worked on it. I was already established in the Keys, spending a lot of time with my grandfather; I knew people and had friends here.

I love the Keys. I’d rather be here than anywhere.

I am 55 years old. I just really just came out 10 years ago. I knew I was supposed to be a girl when I was 8.

I get shit all the time for dressing this way. It might be ok in Key West, but it isn’t ok here. I should be a girl. I’m not comfortable dressing butch. I don’t do this to be a game changer or rub it in anyone’s face. I do it because this is who I am.

I have a hard time finding a job; I work construction and am a hard worker. I had a contractor tell me once he wouldn’t hire me after he saw I painted my nails. There was one spirt where I didn’t work for 3 years. That was tough. Now I am very blessed and work for some home owners.

My mother used to get mad at me; I would take her stuff and wear it. I could and can play sports and work like a man. I was thinking about Caitlyn Jenner; what I don’t like about her is, don’t flaunt it, just do it.

Your born knowing it. You know. I went 40 years being in the closet. I was in the Army and hid it. I would paint my toenails because I knew I would be wearing work boots. I tried to hide. You know this is who you are, but you try to hide it. I decided one day I wasn’t going to hide it anymore and I would take an ass beating if I had to. You better be pretty bad though!

It's really sad. When I was a kid, I was made to be ashamed of myself, I was a wierdo. If I had the money to get the whole operation stuff, I would. I hear all the laughing and smirking. Now I have a lot of people who support me.

I believe in God and Jesus. I think to myself ‘If this is bad in the eyes of the Lord, then why am I still here?’

I love to be a girl. I work to be a girl. This is who I am and I love it.

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