Meet the Humans of the Keys

Meet the Humans of the Keys

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Joe Pinder, Islamorada **RIP**

Joe Pinder, a Florida Keys native, passed away last Sunday at age 86. He survived two major hurricanes and spent six years as the only Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputy in the Upper Keys. He also served 17 years as a board member of the Monroe County Mosquito Control District. He and wife Roberta, best known as Bobby, were married for 63 years.
Pinder was from a Keys pioneer family that traces its Islamorada roots back 146 years. His son Buddy said, “The stories my dad could tell! Once President Harry Truman asked him to drive Bess Truman from Key West to Miami for a shopping trip. Truman leaned into the car and asked him to take care, because he was carrying precious cargo.”
Mr. Pinder was 5 years old when the deadly Labor Day hurricane devastated Islamorada in 1935. He escaped when his father put him on a floating bed mattress. His mother was hospitalized after being hit by a collapsing building.
He was a deputy when he rode out Hurricane Donna in 1960, a storm that washed out Keys bridges. Mr. Pinder also worked at Cheeca Lodge and ran an appliance business when air-conditioning was new technology.
Survivors include wife Bobby; sister Alma Pinder Dalton; sons Jack (and daughter-in-law Teresa), Buddy (and daughter-in-law Cerise), and Henry ( (and daughter-in-law Barbara); seven grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren; and numerous nieces and nephews.

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  1. My dad was Capt Roger Martin and my mom was Joan. They knew both Joe & Bobble very well. My Grandaddy was Whitey Martin who owned Martins Halfway House in Islamorada. He and Joe were good friends as the stories go.
    I grew up next neighbors to the Pinders in what was once called “Toners Nautical Shores”. The Pinders has the house on the corner. When we were kids there was a vacant lot across the street from their house where Henry & I, built as I remember, a pretty sweet treehouse that Marge Toner made us tear it down, or maybe even worse they came in with bulldozers and tore it all down to build a house on that lot... I don’t clearly remember which. I remember Mr Joe Pinder very fondly, as I do the whole family!
    I am so sorry to hear of his passing!
    My sincere condolences
    Ralph Martin